Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bhindi, goddess style!

Bhindi/okra has always been one of my great loves. But it's slimy and gross and I would only eat it carbonated, as my father likes to say. This is true. Growing up spoilt there was always one bowl of it that had been cooked BLACK that as just for me. And I was VERY possessive of my burnt bhindi. As time went by though, learnt about deep friend bhindi, bhindi made north Indian style with shitloads of onions (my mother, to give her credit did try and introduce this to us, but she added tomatoes but I refused to eat them in those days), stuffed bhindi and so on. But my most favouritest bhindi is the one I have adapted from the Goddess's katrika (eggplant) recipe, one that caused minor heart attacks when I was home last and demanded it at every meal (I am famous for refusing to touch Indian food that's been contaminated by katrika).

So here goes.

1/2 kg bhindi washed, dried (this is very important to minimise goo) and sliced up like in the photo. the thinner it is the faster it cooks and easier it breaks, so pitch for something middle path
2 t oil
1 t mustard seeds, black
1 t split urad dal
a pinch methi/fenugreek seeds (like some 10 seeds, a very small amount)
1/2 t haldi/turmeric
1-1.5 pinches peringayam/hing/asofetida (I have that LG box with a hole and I do some 5 squeezes)
1-2 t jeera/cumin powder (I don't like it a whole lot so I go with less)
2-4 t dhaniar/coriander seed powder (just keep it at double the jeera)
1 T besan/chickpea flour
salt to taste

I'd advise using a flat shallow large frying pan in which you can toss the contents, because bhindi is always gooier if you squish it while cooking. Heat the oil, then add the mustard and wait till it starts to pop, at which point add the urad and methi. Wait for the urad to brown a bit and then add the haldi and peringayam. Put the bhindi in, add salt and toss around nicely. Now add the jeera and dhania powder and toss around more. Put a lid on it and cook over low flame for about 10 minutes. When you remove lid you'll see it all translucenty and probably gooey.

Don't panic. Cook uncovered for another 10 minutes or so, and then add the besan and toss about and give it a couple more minutes. Voila.

You can also make this with the small round katrika, but cut it thin and don't cover it. the cooking times will also be shorter.


hAAthi said...

Such pretteh pics you kitteh!! natural day time light is so droolworthy no?

And since bhindi is one of my ALL TIME fav veggies (you saw my recent post?), Im so trying this one soonish. I also lowe brinjal, so I can imagine how this tastes in its other avatar..

But first, bhindi. And another one to spring on the hubs. Muhuhahahahaha

MinCat said...

tee hee hee. tankoo. the kitchen helps in this house it's gorgeously lit. and yes i saw it and hurried my post just for ju hee. he might love it haan, kutti hates brinjal but he gobbles up this version